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The Institute of Cultural Affairs: India (ICA):ICA India's programmes enable people to recognise and respond to the real opportunities for shaping their future. The ICA has been in the work of village development since 1975. Now it is designing and facilitating various programmes to motivate and equip individuals, organizations and local communities.
The Institute of Cultural Affairs: India is a voluntary organisation working for socio econoic renewal. It is one of 30 nationally autonomous affiliates in developed and developing countries. 

The uniqueness of ICA's approach is its emphasis on human development- on creating the desire and methods,where by local people themselves plan and bring about lasting development in their own communities.
ICA is a voluntary not-for-profit organisation, registered under the Societies Act, 1860. The overall work is overseen by Board of Directors and the ongoing activities the planned by the staff in the various locations.
The ICA : India is a registered member of the institute of Cultural Affairs International (ICA) in canada, Toranto and has consultative status Category with the United Nations Economic and Social Council.
The ICA : India has its offices at two places in India. Each office has been engaged in one or more activities, the ICA focuses on.
Sustainable Development:
The ICA is assisting the local communities with income generation schemes, leadership development, and social services, as catalytic forces towards the self development process.
Lifelong Education:
The ICA is engaged in new experiments and model building in order to provide services to the education system, which ephasizes human development as the key to the teaching-learning processes.
Organizational Transformation:
The work involves working with Corporation, Public and private organisations in seeking ways enabling individuals within the organisation to more clearly act out their functions and to become facilitator of the transformation process.
Planetary Ecology:
The ICA is researching to discern new ways of caring for the environment. The trust is upon educating the people to establish a positive relationship with thee earth's resources and integrating social and ecological development art grassroots level.
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