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The Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA)

India is a voluntary non-profit organization, registered under the Societies Act 1860. The Board of Directors oversees the overall work and the staff in the various locations plans the ongoing activities. The ICA has been in the work of village development since 1975, working for socio-economic renewal. Now it is designing and facilitating various programmes to motivate and equip individuals, organizations and local communities. It is one of 30 nationally autonomous affiliates in developed and developing countries.

The uniqueness of ICA’s approach is its emphasis on human development-on creating the desire and methods, whereby local people themselves plan and bring about lasting development in their own communities.

The ICA: India has offices at two places in India – Panvel and Pune. Each office has been engaged in one or more of the ICA’s main activities. The ICA focuses on:

  • 1. Sustainable development,
  • 2. Lifelong education,
  • 3. Organizational transformation,
  • 4. Planetary ecology.
  • ICA India

  • To give emphasis on human development on crating the desire and methods whereby local people themselves plan and bring about lasting development in their won communities.
  • Develop rural project as a successful replicable model project for surrounding area, a project that has carried their own development, with participatory approach in partnership with other sectors.
  • Work for human development since every human being on the planet has the potential to live full and productive life.
  • “Leads community to advancing human development”.

  • ICA believes in team work, non hierarchical approach,
  • Participatory approach, power lies with the wisdom and not with a person,
  • We work with people and not for them,
  • Human development is core belief of ICA.
  • We facilitate the development process, and guide for the sustainability of the project.
  • We believe in methodology, developing pilot project as replica.
  • Rural development (to eradicate poverty and improve quality of life)
  • Ensuring Environmental Sustainability
  • Promoting Gender Equality and Empowering Women
  • Disseminating ICA’s Approach ~ The ICA Technologies and Knowledge
  • Sustainable supportive agro business
  • Leadership development
  • Leadership development
  • Our Staff


    Joined ICA- The Institute of Cultural Affairs: India in 1978.